Historia de los inodoros y lavabos de cerámica: Un viaje a través del tiempo

Ceramic sanitary ware remains a popular choice across the world due to its array of benefits. Whether it is toilets, basins, sinks, or faucets, ceramic sanitary ware is durable, hygienic, and aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, they are a sustainable option that offers good value for money. If you’re considering buying ceramic sanitary ware wholesale, you’ll certainly enjoy a lot of benefits.

But do you know the history of ceramic toilets and basins? In today’s blog post, Cleanman Sanitary Ware walks you through the history of ceramic toilets and basins.

Where It All Started

The history of ceramic sanitary ware dates back to the 7th century in China. The ancient Chinese created basins and chamber pots from glazed earthenware. This is a type of pottery made from non-vitreous clay. The Chinese used this material to create cookware, decorative figurines, storage vessels, and many more. During this era, artists expressed their artistic creativity by creating different types of objects from glazed earthenware. It started making its way to Europe between the 16th and 17th centuries AD. Wealthy people in Europe primarily used glazed ceramic toilets and basins for decorative purposes rather than functional uses. Ceramic ware manufacturers recognize glazed earthenware as the material that pioneered many glazing techniques. It helped establish the concept and basic techniques of glazing pottery.

Notable Innovations

The use of glazed earthenware for decorative purposes and artistic expression spread to other parts of Asia and, later, to the rest of the world. This trend continued for several centuries until innovations started cropping up. There are several innovations that significantly contributed to the development of ceramic toilets and basins. The first notable invention that shaped the development of ceramic toilets was the flushing toilet with a cistern. In 1596, Sir John Harrington from England invented the first flushing toilet with a cistern. However, it was not widely adopted. Fast forward, Alexander Cumming from Scotland invented and patented the S-trap in 1738. The S-trap prevented sewer gases from entering homes. This was a major hygiene advancement that manufacturers leveraged to improve ceramic toilets. The 18th century saw an increase in the production and affordability of ceramic toilets and basins. They became more commonplace in middle-class homes in Europe.

The Advent of Modern Toilets and Basins

The flushing toilet, which became popular in Europe around 1850, marked a significant development in bathroom sanitary ware. Thomas Crapper, a plumbing entrepreneur, also made a number of inventions that improved on the existing designs. He also popularized the designs. A few decades later, the mass production of sanitary ware became commonplace thanks to industrialization and urbanization. More and more people around the world could access ceramic toilets and basins. As the years went by, a number of celebrated innovators continued to improve on the existing designs. In the 20th century, advancements in materials, design, and technology led to diverse options in shape, functionality, and affordability. Today, you’ll find a comprehensive range of ceramic toilets and basins at different price points.

Ceramic Toilets and Basins Today

It’s no secret that ceramic toilets and basins remain a popular choice due to their longevity, hygiene, and aesthetic appeal. Ceramic ware manufacturers have developed bidet features, water-saving designs, smart technology, and many other modern features that continue to refine the user experience. With the rapid advancement of technology, the future of ceramic sanitary ware looks bright and promising.

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