WATERMARK certification is a certification mark of the Standards Australia Limited. Certified products include faucets, all kinds of water valves, water pipes, water tank accessories, showers, bathtubs, fittings and other water supply, sewage products. WATERMARK is an independent certification body to provide product quality certification, which ensures that products comply with the relevant Australian sanitary regulations and product standards. According to the Australian sanitary regulations, all sanitary products installed in Australia need to enforce this certification.

CE certification, that is limited to the product does not endanger the safety of human, animal and product safety requirements, rather than the general quality requirements, coordination of directives only provides the main requirements, the general directive is a standard task. Therefore, the accurate meaning is: CE mark is a safety mark rather than the quality of qualified mark. Constitute the \”core requirements\” of the European Directive.

CIDB (construction industry development authority of Malaysia) is the government department in charge of the construction industry in Malaysia. In addition to the management of construction units and project acceptance, CIDB is also responsible for the quality certification of building materials and steel products. All building materials and steel products requiring compulsory certification must confirm the COA certificate issued by CIDB when entering the Malaysian market.

WaterSense certification is a water-saving certification mark Du initiated by EPA of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2006. It is applicable to the United States. It aims to help consumers identify the most efficient and water-saving pipeline products among similar products in the market, help improve household water-saving efficiency, and realize the protection of water resources.

The normas oficiales Mexico logo is a mandatory safety sign in Mexico to indicate that the product complies with the relevant NOM standards. NOM logo is applicable to most products, including telecommunication and information technology equipment, household electrical appliances, lamps and other products with potential health and safety hazards. Products manufactured locally or imported in Mexico must comply with the relevant NOM standards and product labeling requirements.

TiSi is the abbreviation of Thai Industrial Standards Institute. TiSi is mainly responsible for consumer protection, environmental protection, industrial development, competitiveness in the world, fair trade and standard setting in Thailand. TiSi divides the products. Some of the products that enter Thailand for sale must obtain compulsory certification marks. Other parts can obtain voluntary marks. For the marks of EMI and EMS, they can also apply according to customer needs. When entering Thailand, the products meet IEC standards, they must also meet Thailand’s TiSi standards.

UPC is the United States International Pipeline HVAC Certification Association (IAPMO) certification mark, unified bathroom pipe product standards, is to enter the US market sanitary ware products, the authority of certification, with “c” refers to the Canadian market, cUPC is the North American market Of the sanitary ware products authoritative certification, which is headquartered in California, is a non-profit nature of the body.

Watermark is a water certification mark in Australia, which is owned by Standards Australia Limited (SAA). Its standard document abn85087326690, SAA is a public and guaranteed organization in Australia. Watermark is an Australian certification mark applied to water supply and drainage and pipeline system. Australian pipeline industry attaches great importance to watermark standard. If it is properly implemented, Australian and New Zealand residents will be confident of its water quality.