The Best Basin Manufacturers in The World

When you’re looking to buy ceramic sanitary ware wholesale, you want to work with the best supplier in the industry. No one wants to deal with a barely known sanitary ware manufacturer with no track record. Reputable manufacturers will ensure that your wholesale purchase meets high standards of durability, aesthetics, and functionality.

This article walks you through some of the most renowned basin manufacturers in the world. Read on to learn more about the industry leaders in basin manufacturing.

  1. Kohler (United States)

Kohler is a US-based company that specializes in manufacturing bathroom fixtures, including basins, faucets, toilets, bidets, sinks, and many more. With a history dating back to 1873, this manufacturer is a household name in the United States and many other parts of the world. Kohler is known for quality craftsmanship, innovation in design, and industry experience. They manufacture a wide range of basins in various styles, materials, and price points. Although most people consider Kohler’s basins expensive, they’re truly worth the price as they are made from high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship. If you’re looking for a reputable basin manufacturer with a global reputation, look no further than Kohler.

  1. Ideal Standard (United Kingdom)

Ideal Standard is another top-rated basin manufacturer based in the UK. For over 100 years, Ideal Standard has built a stellar reputation for the production of superior-quality bathroom solutions and products. Some of the strengths that set them apart include design excellence, innovation, quality materials, and a focus on sustainability. You can rest assured that the basins manufactured by Ideal Standard will stand the test of time. Some of the popular collections under their umbrella include Contempo, Tonic II, and Connect.

  1. Cleanman Sanitary Ware (China)

Established in 2002, Cleanman Sanitary Ware is a relatively new entrant into the sanitary ware industry when compared to the other companies on this list. However, the company has grown quickly to become a reputable basin wholesale manufacturer. With a total plant area of 100,000 m2 and 600,000 monthly production, Cleanman Sanitary Ware is truly a worthwhile competitor in the sanitary ware industry.

  1. Villeroy & Boch (Germany)

Since 1748, Villeroy & Boch has been bringing style, luxury, and functionality into people’s lives across the world with high-quality basins. The German powerhouse is one of the oldest sanitary ware manufacturers in the world. The basins manufactured by Villeroy & Boch come with smooth surfaces, innovative features, and a luxurious feel. Some of the popular collections of basins under Villeroy & Boch include Antheus, Artis, and Omnia. If you’re looking for high-end basins that feature timeless elegance and premium quality, you’ll never go wrong with Villeroy & Boch. While Villeroy & Boch is considered a high-end brand, their basins are affordable and will last for many years to come. Besides, the basins come at various price points.

  1. Toto (Japan)

If you have an interest in bathroom products, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about Toto. The Japanese company is one of the global leaders in manufacturing stylish and functional basins and other bathroom products. With a history dating back to 1917, Toto has established itself as a basin manufacturer with extensive experience and a long-standing presence in the sanitary ware industry. The company has built a reputation for offering eco-friendly, luxurious, and meticulously designed basins. Their products offer an unparalleled combination of style, durability, and functionality. If you’re looking for basins that will elevate your space, Toto is undoubtedly the brand to choose.


These are some of the best basin manufacturers in the world. While their products may come at different price points, they’re certainly of good quality. You’ll want to give one of them a try if you’re in the market for basins wholesale.

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