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Cleanman’s integrated research and manufacturing process helps to enrich lifestyles worldwide through a distinct range of innovative, yet affordable products.


Welcome to Cleanman Sanitary Ware, Your Trusted Sanitary Ware Manufacturer

Established in 2002, Cleanman Sanitary Ware stands out as a reliable sanitary ware supplier. Growping up with international big brands, we now have an expansive 100,000 square meters factory area,3 production plants and 6 kilns. Our monthly capacity is 90,000 toilets and 45,000 basins , maintaining timely and stable deliveries.

Innovation keeps us up-to-trend, thanks to our input of 5% annual turnover in Research and Development.

Moreover, our comprehensive certifications, including CuPC, WaterSense, MAP, Watermark, CIDB, NOM, among others, underscore our commitment to meeting global standards.

Our products, including toilets, bidets, basins, and bathroom suites, have reached over 100 countries and regions. Through long-term collaborations, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted partner in the global sanitary ware market.

We Bring All-Around Sanitary Ware Solution

Production Technology

Drilling Holes En Green Body

Casting Via Supporting Wire

Fettling for Humid Green Body

Checking Green Body

Fetting for Dried Green Body

Vacuum Inspection Air Inspection

Drying Under Constant Temperature

Water Testing

Apperance & Size Inspection

Cleanman Sanitary Ware News

Cleanman Sanitary Ware at KBIS 2024 in Las Vegas, USA

Cleanman Sanitary Ware is delighted to announce our participation in the Kitchen & Bath Industry...

Enjoy the Happy Annual Dinner with Cleanman Sanitary Ware

Click the video button, and join us in the happy annual dinner 2023-2024.

What Our Customers Say Us

We started our cooperation with Cleanman since 2018. We have seen their rapid growth from a trading company to a factory, we really appreciate their commitment to excellence. Their designs are always fitting the market well. 

Abbie / England

Cleanman has been our reliable supplier for more than 8 years. Now they have three production workshops and six kilns , we don’t have to worry about their delivery or quality. 

Kate / England

We met Cleanman at Canton Fair and they have been our primary supplier now. Their 5% annual investment in R&D showcases their dedication to staying ahead in design trends. 

Anne / Poland

Working with Cleanman Sanitary Ware since is impressive. Their designs are always fresh and innovative. Also they maintain stability in delivery.

Ankit / India

Cleanman has been our supplier of choice since 2019. Their designs, their delivery, is always satisfactory. 

Fabio / Brazil

Initiated in 2018, our partnership with Cleanman Sanitary Ware has been consistently fruitful. Their dedication to growth and development is evident. 

Vincent / Canda

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