Pursue excellence and create brilliance —— 2018-2019 Cleanman annual meeting and award ceremony for excellent employees

bid farewell to an unforgettable 2018 and usher in a new 2019; look back on the past struggle and look forward to the new future of Kleiman! On January 1, 2019, the Cleanman annual meeting was held successfully! More than 200 employees attended the meeting.

The annual meeting was kicked off by a dance named “Vitality Beat”

At the beginning of the meeting, President Chen delivered a New Year’s speech, affirming the work of all the staff of Kleiman in 2018 and looking forward to the bright future of 2019.

Then, manager Wang Gongshan of the production department delivered a speech on the stage, expressing his best wishes to the company, his colleagues, and his family.

In the past year, the development of the company is inseparable from the hard work and dedication of all employees. The host read out the list of awards for “outstanding employees” in 2018, and President Chen presented the prize and honorary certificate to the winners. All the staff of the company also gave the most sincere congratulations and warm applause to the outstanding employees who won the prize.

The annual meeting was splendid, and the beautiful, passionate and passionate performance of Kleiman people brought us a shocking visual feast.

In the exciting lottery, applause and calls were heard from time to time. All participants were happy, nervous, and excited.

The annual meeting came to an end with laughter. We raised our glasses to celebrate, and we worked hand in hand to create a brighter and better future for Cleanman Sanitary Ware!

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