Cleanman Invitation to the 135th Canton Fair-Integration of Design& Functionality

As a professional sanitary ware manufacturer, Cleanman sanitary ware will soon attend the 135th Canton Fair. We warmly welcome you and your teammates to visit us. You will see our classic styles and new products, including the latest toilets, wash basins, and smart toilets.

About Cleanman Sanitary Ware:

Located in the hometown of clay, Cleanman has been producing toilets and basins since 2002. Through continuous improvement, we’ve expanded our sales network to over 50 countries and regions, particularly North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. We are convinced that it’s not just product quality, but also our outstanding service that wins the trust of our customers.

Cleanman, as a trustworthy sanitary ware manufacturer, always keeps up-to-date with industry trends and grows alongside our customers. Our mission is to provide users with superior product and service experiences, enriching their lives.

Exhibition details: 

Date:  April 23-27, 2024

Location: Guangzhou City,  Guangdong Province, China

Booth number:  10.1 J01-02

We look forward to sharing our newest styles with you, listening to your ideas. Let’s discuss how our latest products can be integrated into your projects, bringing more value to your clientele.If you have any inquiry or need more information, contact us any time.

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